08 October 2020

From stupidity to wisdom

27th Week OT (R) 
Fr. Philip Neri Powell, OP
St. Dominic Priory, NOLA

Apparently, the Galatian church has fallen back into its old habits and living as if following the Law led to salvation. So, Paul asks these “stupid Galatians” if God supplies the Spirit to them b/c they do works of the law or b/c they have faith. The answer Paul wants from them is: God gives us His Spirit b/c we have faith in Christ! Jesus reveals another possible answer that further undermines the Galatian backsliding: “For everyone who asks, receives.” God always gives His Spirit. That's Who He is – diffusive Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. When we turn to the Law in an attempt to earn the Spirit or coerce the Spirit or in some mechanical fashion control the Spirit, we lose. The Spirit is always, already given as a Divine Gift. What we must do is receive. When we seek, we find. When we knock, the door is opened. When we ask, we receive. Asking is how we receive. Without expectations, without preconceived notions, without plans or designs, ask to receive. Our works, our worries will not conjure the Spirit to do our will. Only by trusting that the Spirit is ever-present and asking to receive can we move from stupidity to wisdom.


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