18 June 2017


I've been away for three weeks!

Now I'm back.

Spent two weeks amongst the Squirrels of Mississippi.

Yesterday, I drove with another OP friar to Houston where my former U.D. student, Thomas More (Rudy) Barba, OP was ordained a priest.  Our brother, Carl Paustian was also ordained a deacon. 

The arthritis in my knees is getting steadily worse. Oy.

At the end of July I'm giving a retreat to a group of lay OP's in Birmingham, AL at the Sister Servants place. The retreat is titled, Prayer: You're Doing It Wrong (and how to do it right).

Mendicant Thanks to E.M. for the books! E.M., shoot me an email and update me on how things are going for you discernment-wise.

One of the philosophers at Notre Dame Seminary is on sabbatical next year, so I'm taking on some of his classes. In the fall I'm teaching Philosophy of God/Philosophical Theology. Should be fun.

That's all for now. I'm be back on my regular preaching rotation at Our Lady of the Rosary starting next Sunday (June 25th).


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