11 February 2017

Coffee Cup Browsing

Apologies for the absence of CCB! I recently received a comment on the blog that prompted me to reboot this HA feature. Thanks, Anonymous!

Apparently, nominalism has its limits. . .even for collegiate snowflakes. 

Suddenly! Unexpectedly! Freedom of association is HOT on the Left. . .but Christian bakers still have to bake gay wedding cakes.

History Repeats: Democrats attempt to block Republican official from entering public school. George Wallace (D), call your office!

Fascinating video. . .if I had watched this in 1985 I would have never been a leftie.

Mandatory "diversity training" is just re-education under another name.

Anti-Catholic extortion group, SNAP sued for taking kickbacks from lawyers. Top officials resign.

Catholic inculturation done right. . .

My new favorite Youtube channel: Food Wishes.

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