23 September 2016

Fluid Abstract Paintings

 A Time to be Far from Embraces (SOLD)

 A Time to Cast Away

 A Time to Scatter Stones

 Across the Red Red Sea

 Child of Gehenna


 Queenship of Mary (SOLD)

 Furnace (SOLD)

 Be Glad and Rejoice!

 Smacking My Post-Op Knee on a Metal Desk

 The Deliberations of Mortals are Timid

 Cleverly Devised Myth

 Cistern (SOLD)

 Malebolge (SOLD)


 Keeping His Word

 Hit Me With Your Best Shot

 What is Hoped For


 Sweeping the House for One Lost Coin (SOLD)

 Teach Me Your Ways (SOLD)

 Those Who Hear His Word (SOLD)

 What's Left of the Upper Room

 Yuppie in Maui Hits the Fan! (SOLD)


 Never Will I Forget

Devotion and Dignity (SOLD)

Power Came Forth From Him (SOLD)

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  1. "Smacking My Post-Op Knee on a Metal Desk" looks a lot like "wrenching my back putting on my shoes." Love the title, it made my day. (I have low standards, obviously).

    1. W/o low standards some of us would have no standards at all! :-)

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

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