07 January 2016

Coffee Bowl Browsing (Thurs)

"Social justice" bumper-sticker phrases translated into English.

Cologne (et al) sexual assaults: ". . .there has been a widespread failure on the part of German authorities and elite institutions." Given the disease of P.C. culture. . .entirely predictable.

The inevitable consequences of the $15 minimum wage: Ronald McDonald is now a robot

The myth of "white privilege."

My favorite Youtube artist: Gerda Lipski from Germany.

Mom got me a bottle of this for Christmas: Guerlain L'Instant pour homme. Spicy cocoa, patchouli, and florals. Very nice!

Tom K. makes an interesting liturgical observation. . .


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  1. Instant pour Homme. Instant man? Just add water and stir?

    1. LOL! Not quite. More like "The Moment for men"

  2. About Tom K., my parish also has the two word delay at "I confess" and "I believe." This bothers me as it's as if only the priest confesses that or believes that. The delay at the beginning of the Gloria is the same way, we do not chant this antiphonally so having the cantor be the only one to chant the first line makes no sense.

  3. I never thought about the "delay" in the Confiteor and the Credo - maybe because I do say the two words in question. Our chapel is small enough that I can hear the intake of breath from the priest just before he begins. And even if I don't say them out loud, I do say the words in my head as I actively participate in the Mass. I also have become accustomed to praying Vespers and Holy Hour with the Sisters, and the way it is done here, there are some occasions where the chantress says the first few words on her own before all join in - it is written that way in their choir manual. For the Gloria, if it is chanted (no organ or piano back-up), I need "Gloria in excelsis Deo" chanted so I can catch the pitch/rhythm. A lot of other things bother me about the Mass as celebrated here. Perhaps I am just happy the Confiteor is said now(it wasn't for many years), so a little delay in the words doesn't bother me!