12 August 2015

Coffee Cup Browsing (Wednesday)

DoubleThink and crappy art. . .

Aussies are awesome! Can I get a dual citizenship?

Pro-abortion columnist: Planned Parenthood vids are a game-changer.

Scott Walker: aggressively normal. After eight years of the Lefty Circus trashing the town, we need some Serious Normal.

This is why you should your kid(s) to a Catholic liberal arts school like the University of Dallas.

We should be more like Sweden or Denmark! Not.

Archbishop Chaput: There is NO equivalence between the Church's opposition to Baby Murder and her support for the poor, etc.


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  1. Reading the article, I concluded that the US should be more like Sweden: less and less progressive cum socialism.

  2. Sure, but who can afford a good Catholic liberal arts school? Yearly tuition/expenses at the low end exceed my gross annual salary, and at the high end rival my husband's net annual salary.

    1. Shelly,
      Beg and borrow. I can't, in good conscience, recommend stealing. But avoid borrowing from Uncle Sam and the college loan industry.

      College doesn't need to immediately follow high school. So, while in high school, have your college-bound child learn a trade of some kind and/or launch their own business. Build it to a level that will put them through school while supporting them without debt. I know secular people who have done this as computer programmers, commissioned sales agents, and pizza delivery drivers. One of the pizza delivery drivers turned himself into a landlord: the money from delivering pizzas gave him the capital to buy rental properties and the combination allowed him, by his early 20s, to go to university and pay out of pocket.

      Other people I know served 8 years in the military, lived frugally, applied for GI Bill credits when they enlisted, and paid for college at places like UD that way. Still others had ROTC scholarships.

      And another route, rarely thought about, is to become an employee of the school and take classes using the tuition waiver. I had several classmates during my time at UD who were employed full-time and only part-time students...but they were getting through college debt free.

      So it can be done if it's important.

      I hope that is helpful.

    2. Thank you. Certainly - I worked throughout college and with my earnings and my parents' financial help (and a very good scholarship) graduated from a small Catholic liberal arts college in 3 1/2 years, debt free. My primary issue is the cost, not the avenue of paying for it (and I agree, stay away from loans). I am in a Masters program right now. By the time I am done, the total cost will be approximately $20,000 . . . for an MA. Why should we just accept that a private, Catholic, liberal arts undergraduate program is going to cost 6 - 12 times more than my masters program? I can see double the cost, for an undergraduate program takes four years and not two, but the cost of so-called "education" is out of control.