02 August 2015

Coffee Cup Browsing (Sunday)

Garland, TX terrorist got his gun from BO's Fast and Furious debacle

Not exactly a selling point for many: Jeb to govern like LBJ

Pope Francis a Peronist? Makes some sense. . .

BO donor/appointee federal judge squashes Planned Parenthood vids.

Media coverage: Cecil the Lion vs. Planned Parenthood Butchers

Dramatic rise in homicide rates in major US cities. All of these cities have something in common. . .wonder what that is???


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  1. Perón was a fascist as many other fascists in Latin America then, such as Vargas in Brazil. Before Perón, Argentina was the wealthiest country in the Americas. His populism, demagoguery and outright dismantling of the Argentinian economy to favor his cronies consumed the country's wealth and wealthy, making it the economic mire that it's been since.

    Likewise, Francis is the typical Latin American bishop. Under their tenure, while Catholic countries ceased to be Catholic. They do not challenge anyone, but merely say to them what they want to hear. Metanoia is a forbidden word among them. By their fruits one can know them. By Francis' record as a bishop, when Mass attendance fell by 20%, one can know him. RCIA programs are not bursting with converts and Mass attendance around the world continues to fall. Indeed, Francis is to the vitality of the Church what Perón is to the Argentine economy, as is the cult of personality.

    BTW, Evangelical Gaudium is not an encyclical, but an apostolic letter.

  2. Matheus12:29 PM

    Interesting Pope Francis piece...once one gets past the gossip and speculation.