23 July 2015

Coffee Cup Browsing (To Hell in a Handbasket Edition)

ABC/CBS/NBC/NYT, etc: the whores of Moloch

"Crush Planned Parenthood". . .excellent plan!

"Not all individuals who menstruate identify as women. . ."

B.O.'s disastrous Iran deal

Armed civilians defending military recruiters b/c the military recruiters are not allowed to defend themselves.

Top 20 cities Americans are running away from. . .

New U.S. citizens can opt-out of pledge to defend the nation. 

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  1. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Reading the pledge of naturalization, I couldn't stomach its reeking fascism. Who in their right minds would pledge to compelled work, slavery, mandated by a prince of this world?

    1. If you're eager to enjoy the fruits of citizenship, you should be equally eager to defend the country that makes those fruits possible. Unilaterally changing the oath of citizenship is beyond reckless.

    2. Anonymous9:18 AM

      If I should be eager, I shouldn't have to make an oath. A land of free men does not need to compel. Not to mention the umpteen unjust wars which conscripted men to die for geopolitical and economic rackets. This is a Faustian oath.