25 May 2015

Memebots of Gramscian Marxism

On this Memorial Day, we need to take some time to reflect on the direction and trajectory of the Republic. Maybe I read too much about the fall of the Roman Republic (corrupt elite, rise of lawyers, deficit spending, etc), but it seems to me that we are Swirling the Bowl.

Here's an excellent post from 2006 on the scourge of Cultural Marxism that is crippling us:

[. . .] Another consequence of Stalin’s meme war is that today’s left-wing antiwar demonstrators wear kaffiyehs without any sense of how grotesque it is for ostensible Marxists to cuddle up to religious absolutists who want to restore the power relations of the 7th century CE. In Stalin’s hands, even Marxism itself was hollowed out to serve as a memetic weapon — it became increasingly nihilist, hatred-focused and destructive. The postmodern left is now defined not by what it’s for but by what it’s against: classical-liberal individualism, free markets, dead white males, America, and the idea of objective reality itself.

The first step to recovery is understanding the problem. Knowing that suicidalist memes were launched at us as war weapons by the espionage apparatus of the most evil despotism in human history is in itself liberating. Liberating, too, it is to realize that the Noam Chomskys and Michael Moores and Robert Fisks of the world (and their thousands of lesser imitators in faculty lounges everywhere) are not brave transgressive forward-thinkers but pathetic memebots running the program of a dead tyrant. [. . .]

If you don't know who Antonio Gramsci was, go here for a quick education on how economic Marxism became cultural Marxism in the West. Gramscian Marxism was the foundational theory of my grad school years. . .but I got better.

I pray that our culture does too.
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  1. On the other hand, it's interesting to note how, with the rise of Cultural Marxism, the right more and more took on the caricature role that Marx designed for it, especially as the defenders of perennial (and immoral) wars and of the decadent status quo. They think that they are for individualism, but are mere bots of group think; or for free markets, but for merely the doling out of privileges and favors to their privileged and favorite enterprises; or for the Western values, but despise those very values as much as the left when it's convenient (especially those below the waist); or for America, but actually make of it the most anti American thing: an idol; or for truth, but only as long as it serves the corruptions above. As a matter of fact Cultural Marxism is the water in which we swim. At least the left is honest by embracing it openly, whereas the right embraces it by succumbing to mammon. One is a position of force and the other, of weakness. No wonder that the whole world, including the us, is Marxist. And, to make Gramsci dance in his tomb, without realizing it.