27 April 2015

Fathers, Support Traditional Marriage & Family!

CREDO PRIESTS is asking all U.S. based Catholic priests to sign a petition, calling on the Holy Father and the Synod of Bishops to reaffirm the Church's ancient teaching on the indissoluble nature of sacramental marriage. 

Go here to sign.

I am pleased to see so many Dominican priests on the list!

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  1. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Is it bad that I got to worry what my bishop will think when he sees my name on there? Is it crazy that we have this petition at all?

    1. Yes to both. Join a religious order. . .much more freedom of expression since we elect our leaders for limited terms of office.

    2. Anonymous11:25 PM

      Father, your bishop's name should be on there too. We, few remaining Faithful have been abandoned by the majority of bishops and priests, who have abandoned the Deposit of Faith.

    3. Lynda, bishops are free to sign and I think a few have. However, our bishops have a much more direct line for participating in the synod. They elect representatives to the synod. Don't assume that the absence of a bishop's name is support for changing Church teaching. I know for a fact -- personally -- that Archbishop Aymond supports traditional Church teaching on all life issues. He issued a letter a two years ago stating that the archdiocese will boycott any business that works with Planned Parenthood to build a new clinic in NOLA.