15 March 2015

He loved us SO much. . .

Audio file for 4th Sunday of Lent. . .

NB. No text for this homily. 


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  1. Good overall message, but there were a couple of confusing spots, one in particular just around mid-way through (I'd have to go back and re-listen to tell you exactly where), that I just said: What?? That middle one was almost enough to throw me completely off-track, and they both caused me to temporarily lose my ability to listen to what you were saying as I tried to figure out what you had just said.

  2. Oh drat. My computer at home can't play the file. I had to listen to it at work. I missed some of it due to distractions. Poor me. Waah. (snicker) Can you tell I am a Luddite who uses a Mac at home?

    What I heard of it was GREAT.