24 January 2015

Three Paintings More

I'm dedicating this paintings to Young Master Thurmond, a budding 6 y.o. artist. For his inspiration! 

 Between Grass and Flowers * (18x24 canvas panel)

 Fig Tree (18x24 canvas panel)

 Unblemished (18x24 canvas panel)

* This title is just a little pretentious. It refers to Dante's Purgatorio, Cantos VIII. Consider it a "shout out" to my University of Dallas homies (is "homies" still a thing?)


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  1. Young Master Thurmond was giddy with excitement when I told him you had painted these for his inspiration. It was very cute! He said they were "pretty good," and he doesn't think he'll "be able to do anything that complicated!"

    I like them all, especially "Unblemished." (It has a face in it, but that's not why I like it.).

  2. There are THREE faces and also a lady floating in the air! Cool!

    1. What are you smoking in that pipe??? ;-)

    2. Ok, now I see two faces and the floating lady - not seeing a third face. Maybe I need to smoke something stronger?

  3. There's a green face on the upper left looking to the right, two orange faces, lower left and upper right. the floating lady in some sort of long robe is between the two orange parts, she has her arms stretched out to the left.And there is a small 4th face with a BIG nose and a little smile just in front of her, looking right. Have you ever read anything about face recognition? It is a natural human characteristic to see faces in things, there was a big to-do years ago about a mountain on Mars shaped like a face but it was said at the time that we just want to see faces in everything. We are social.