20 June 2014

Apologies. . .

Apologies for the dearth in blogging this week. . .

I arrived back in NOLA to 300+ emails and Facebook msgs. 

There will be a homily for Corpus Christi on Sunday and then things should be back to normal after that.

I have to report for jury duty on July 1st. NOLA doesn't excuse jury duty except under very specific criteria. I don't meet any those criterion. It's the criminal court in NOLA, so I'm expecting a murder case. And even if I plea opposition to the death penalty, they will simply move me to another case.
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  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    If I'm ever falsely accused of something, I 'd want a juror who'd pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    Massachusetts excuses no one from jury duty: Current US Senators (John Kerry was jury foreman several times while senator), sitting Supreme Court justices (actually the defense lawyer used one of his challenges to block him because "the last thing I want on a OUI [operating under the influence] case is a second judge in the courtroom") or very pregnant moms homeschooling several children.
    You can read philosophy books during all the breaks : ) I look forward to jury duty every several years, because I can get so much done (and they can't seat me on a long trial, because I bring in grandparents/babysitters from out of state who can only stay so long.)


    1. I've served on two criminal court juries. Both times we found the defendant non guilty.

  2. Anonymous4:08 AM

    "And even if I plea opposition to the death penalty....."
    OOOO! Careful Father, sounds as if some dangerous modernism is creeping in......

    1. No, not really. Catholics can oppose CP on prudential grounds.

  3. when I told them I opposed the death penalty, I was told that jurors don't do the sentencing.

  4. I was called for jury duty last year here in Memphis. When it came time for jury questioning, the asst DA turned out to be last Sunday's lector, which I of course, I had to mention. The defense attorney threw me out so fast....