26 October 2014

30th Sunday OT: audio file

Reaching Down for Higher Things: audio file for my homily on the 30th Sunday OT


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  1. (second attempt at a comment - so if the first one magically shows up, feel free to delete on of them)
    I really, really, like this homily in written form, however in the listening I found it to be too much: some of the points at the beginning were belabored (we don't love, must be commanded to love, etc....), and there wasn't enough of the "are we fools" and "what are we to do" paragraph-type-points. You built to a nice crescendo early ("that we must be commanded...."), but then lost the energy you had built and I lost interest in listening for a couple of paragraphs (the "yeah, I already heard that" kind of dis-interest) until you hit the "are we fools?" paragraph and regained your energy.