12 August 2014

Was Peter an idiot? (guest homily)

A homily for the 19th Sunday OT from Fr. Thomas Schaefgen, OP.

He's the chaplain at the Tulane Catholic Center here in NOLA.

I gave this homily a B+.  :-)

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  1. You realize, don't you, that when you post a homily, even if it isn't one of yours, my instinct is to give it a critique?

    1. Go for it. He can take it.

    2. OK - I'll take your word for it, Fr. Philip! Here goes:

      Fr. Thomas - Overall, I enjoyed listening to your homily. Earnestness is always appealing to me! You might want to be remember, though, that preaching a homily is a more formal venue so your choice of words should reflect that formality - even at a location where one would expect a younger, or less formal, group. I am speaking directly to your decision to use the word "idiot," which I found to be a poor choice, and one which potentially gave a poor example. All I am asking is that you consider which words you use and if you would want to hear your "children" using them in a conversation.

      I much appreciated your delving into the Greek, which deepend my understanding of the passage, and got an audible "ohhhh" from me! Though I caught the connection right away, it was necessary that you explain it for those who might not have - nicely done. Good development of "command me" and how that tied into faith/trust, as well as the reminder (quoting BXVI) of relationship and what you termed (I think) "religious obedience." I would have enjoyed hearing this idea developed more. But the reminder (and using "only say the word" as an example) that we should recognize the value of God's word/call/command, if only we would listen was quite apt and a good extension of your basic theme.

      Did the homily provide any helps toward growth in holiness/ongoing prayer, etc...? Yes
      Did it explain the readings, give greater understanding? Yes
      Did it lead me into a fuller participation in the Liturgy? Yes
      Did it provide practical application of the Gospel message to daily life? Yes, but not as directly as I would have liked.
      Did it encourage or challenge me to evangelize or share the Good News? Not so much.

      Of course, you can't do everything in every homily, and the basics were fulfilled - quite nicely in some spots. I drifted off a bit toward the end, both times I listened, and I think that is because I wanted some variation in your vocal tone, tempo, dynamics. But it could also be simply because I wasn't there and didn't have the visual to keep me focused.

      Thank you! Good work.