11 May 2014

Why?! O, Why, Holy Spirit?!

Homily writing is hard!

I'm slogging through the third draft of a bad one.

Out of practice, uh?

Looking more and more likely that I will be recycling an older effort, or maybe just winging it. . .sssshhhhhhh. . .don't tell my seminarians. I've told them that "winging it" is a mortal sin.

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  1. Winging it is an art and a privilege earned, not right. Lie and say it was "inspired." ;)

    1. Fr. Higdon, does your bishop know that you offer such scandalous advice on the Interwebs?


    2. Your seminarians know ... you're not that translucent.

    3. Katiie5:56 PM

      Why would it be a mortal sin? It's not like you'll say something heretical if you don't write it down first. You're a knowledgeable priest. The church doesn't even set a required homily length right?

    4. Katiie, I was kidding about the mortal sin part. I really encourage my guys to continue the practice of writing out their homilies, so I jokingly tell them that it's a mortal sin not to do so. They know I'm joking.