28 April 2014

My week & A difficult awakening

Blogging will be a bit light this week.

EVERYTHING is due by Friday! (Is there a Panic Emoticon?)

-- Annual Evals for my formation advisees (16 of them)
-- Four syllabi for fall classes
-- Rec letter for an entering novice
-- 20 or so questions for the NDS entrance exam
-- Grade final homilies/teaching plans 
-- Prepare retreat for OP Laity on Saturday
-- Etc., etc.
No worries though. . .I have years of practice as a Licensed Procrastinator. And a couple of really spiffy trophies to prove it.

After lunch yesterday here at the priory, I walked down the cloister hallway toward my room. Before entering my room, I said to no one in particular, "Geez, it smells like an old man up here." Then I opened my door and realized: that Old Man Smell was coming from my room!

Thus, I am renewing my demand that Renuzit produce and sell an air freshener called, "Sunday Afternoon at the Bookstore." Makes your home smell like fresh coffee, new books, and leather.

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  1. Teenaged Boy Smell can't be much better. :-) But I do second your idea for a "Sunday Afternoon at the Bookstore" air freshener.

  2. I have that smell too from my library.....albeit no freshner tho....bwahhahahaha
    Hang in there Father! just look at the bright side....mmmmm is there one?
    God Bless!

    1. Bright side? Yes. Eventually, we die.


  3. Anything left of Fr. Mastermind...?

    1. "Little, with God, is much", as one saying here goes... ;)