03 March 2014

Thomistic Guide to Spiritual Growth

A Dominican shout-out and mendicant thanks to Ms Claire (a fellow member of the Grammar Nazis Local No. 654) for sending me Kevin Vost's Unearthing Your Ten Talents: A Thomistic Guide to Spiritual Growth from the Wish List

I started reading the book this morning and it is shaping up to be a great read. 

Vost basically writes about most of the stuff I've been trying to write and preach about for the last nine years. His presentation and clarity are far better than anything I've come up with however. 

If you're a spiritual director, you will find this book to be extremely useful. It is neatly divided into the theme of The Ten Talents. Each talent is explained in Thomistic terms, not overly technical terms but still true to the source.

He covers the theological virtues, the moral virtues, understanding-science-wisdom, and concludes with a section on applying and perfecting your Ten Talents. 

Rest assured, this is not New-Agey, psychobabbly pop-spiritual direction. Good, solid stuff.

Try it!

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1 comment:

  1. I've come to think of spiritual direction as the spiritual equivalent of personal fitness training. I would think his (Vost) experience as a power lifter and resistance trainer provides a good basis for the topic of this book. I bought it for myself - well, actually to help me with Drew, since I seem to be his Spiritual Director. :-) Though he teaches me more than I teach him.