02 February 2014

What will become of sinners?

fra. Francis Orozco, OP preaching Vespers at our studium in St Louis, MO, St Dominic Priory.

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  1. That was pretty awesome in an "I needed to hear just those words today" kind of way. Thanks for posting this link - lots of excellent points . . . which also made me realize how much I miss writing critiques of your homilies :-), because I really want to sit with this and spend some time with it like I used to do with your homilies. And find out, if only for myself, why certain parts of it worked really well and why other parts didn't work so well. Strangely enough, I thoroughly enjoy spending time doing that.

  2. Pardon my ignorance, but what does "Student Brother" mean? I first thought about a Dominican seminarian, but they already have the OP in their names, so I don't know...

    1. MFT, Dominican seminarian is correct. fra. Francis is a solemnly professed OP.