01 February 2014

Still alive and kicking. . .

No, I haven't been kidnapped nor have I been raptured!

This last week has been. . .weird. . .for some reason. A minor sniffling cold has kept me feeling BLAH and insomnia hasn't made things any easier.

Overall, things are going quite well though. The New Orleans "ice storm" of 2014 threw a small wrench in the week's work, but the damage is entirely reparable. 

There's Something Else going on, and I can't put my finger on it. There's always a chance I've contracted some awful clich├ęd French philosophical dis-ease. Existential malaise? Foreboding dread? I dunno. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the NDS Super Bowl Party on Sunday night. I'm not a football fan, but dropping in on a good party can do wonders for one's ennui.

The 6.00pm Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary has been cancelled in lieu of the Super Bowl, so I'll be joining the guys at NDS for Mass. . .

I'm told that New Orleans folks are pulling for Denver since Seattle knocked the Saints out of the running. OK. I'm game.

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  1. Cancelling a mass for the game!!!! Oh now I have heard it all!

    Seriously, take care of that "Cloud of Unknowing", it may be something requiring attention?

    Pax et bonum,
    Dcn Jimmy

    1. Just so y'all know. . .I'm the Rent-a-Priest at OLR. I make NO decisions.

  2. "The New Orleans "ice storm" of 2014"

    "To each its own"...over here it's been 25+ days without rain in the middle of summer. Wonderful for sleeping...