16 February 2014

Audio Link: 6th Sunday OT

Audio Link:  6th Sunday OT, Surpassing Righteousness

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  1. Sorry, I'm a little late getting to this. On the whole, I liked this homily - it all came together by the end, made sense, gave me some practical spiritual advice, explained some, was well delivered. A couple of points: The first half was a little hard to follow - there was just so much in there to try to grab hold of. I wasn't fond of the transition into the section on "choosing" - I really liked that section, but it sounded like there was a distinct difference in content (yes, I heard the transition!), as if you had a part I and then a part II of the homily, and your pause confirmed that. You ALMOST caused me to cry in the sentences just after the King Cake, but not quite! The very ending was not your best - it worked better when I read it than when I heard it. I'm not sure why.

    Thanks. Nice job!