23 January 2014

600,000+ say NO to abortion

All 500+ Archdiocese of New Orleans marchers made it back safely from D.C. 

Thanks be to God!

Yours truly has been awake for almost 48 hrs. I'm hallucinating. . .I think. 

Anyway, the March was a HUGE success. 

Despite single-digit temps and the remains of a snow storm the night before, some 600,000 marchers descended on D.C. to let the Devil know that his "pro-choice" agenda is NOT the agenda of the next generation. 

Though Catholics dominated the crowd in terms of numbers, I saw banners for Lutherans, Methodists, and Orthodox Christians. 

The Pro-Life movement is truly ecumenical.

Thank you for your prayers and support. . .

Now. . .time for bed!

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  1. Is this the official number. Grossly misreported as usual by MSM.

    1. Lynda, according to the MSM, the event never happened. If they don't report on an event, the event is a myth.