14 September 2013

Three umpires walk into a bar. . .

Three Major League Baseball umpires are sitting in a bar, having a drink.  They start discussing their philosophies of umpiring. . .

Ancient-Medieval Umpire:  "I call 'em as they are." (Realism)

Modern Umpire: "I call 'em as I see them." (Perspectivism)

Postmodern Umpire: "They ain't nothing 'til I call 'em." (Anti-realism)

Realism holds that there is a natural relationship between How Things Are and our ability to describe those things using language. (Aristotle/Aquinas)

Perspectivism holds that the relationship between How Things Are and our ability to use language to describe those things is primarily mental-ideational, that is, relative to the mind of the describer. (Kant)

Anti-realism holds that language only refers to itself, so any description we create is the reality we are describing. (Derrida)

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Nazis committed war crimes, but the Allies who bombed Dresden didn't. A fetus is not a child, except when the woman claims him as an heir to a millionaire. We are at war with Eeurasia; we've always been at war with Eastasia.

    Derrida was right, but only in the tyrannical sense that the winner writes history.