01 September 2013

Preaching & Nihilism

Good news!

Got word on Thursday that the advanced preaching seminar I'd proposed was approved by the academic dean.

We'll be exploring the historical, literary, philosophical, and theological origins of nihilism and how this pernicious infection has shaped our postmodern culture. 

Then we'll discuss ways to address these nihilistic tendencies in our preaching.

Should be fun. . . 

My extra mendicant thanks to all those who contributed to this project from the Wish List.
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  1. Congrats! I still think you should take that concept global, or at least regional :-). Presentation? Book? On-line seminar?

    1. Going global, uh? Could be. I could write something up for a homiletics journal or maybe a conference paper. I'll have to do that sort of thing (ugh) now that I am a real-live faculty person.