21 August 2013

St Louis Cathedral Mass/Mendicancy

Celebrated Mass this morning at St Louis Cathedral with retired New Orleans archbishop Alfred Hughes.

The new seminarians -- all 27 of them -- were present.  

This was my first visit to the cathedral!

Also, much gratitude to the kind souls who've recently visited the Wish List and sent books my way.

I'm working on a seminar for the fall called tentatively, Preaching and Nihilism

The idea is to introduce the fourth year seminarians to the notion of postmodern culture and the inevitable nihilistic tendencies that come with eliminating transcendental referents (God, Beauty, Truth, Goodness, etc.) from our cultural vocabulary.  


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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Well, you know that if he mentioned God there would be all sorts of hate tweets. So he omits God and gets all sorts of hate tweets.