18 June 2013

In the mail. . .

OP Thanks You's to:

M.R. for Knowing the Love of Christ


Anon. for Critics on Trial: An Intro to the Catholic Modernist Crisis.  

I've already read the first 100 pgs of this one and it is fantastic. Msgr. O'Connell gives us a lively historical/biographical account of the personalities and intellectual movements behind the late-19th and early 20th century crisis of modernism in the Church. His writing is superb: clear, engaging, detailed.  Highly, highly recommended!


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  1. I found my way here by a circuitous path: a link from a comment to a review on Amazon of Fr. McBrien's "Catholicism".

    And once here, to find your recommendation of this volume on the heretical plague of Modernism, makes this a twice joyful discovery.

    Bless you, Father, for all your good works.

    1. Thank you, Mr Meyer! And welcome to H.A.

      O'Connell's book is a serious historical study with just enough drama to keep you reading. I can't tell just yet how sympathetic he is to the modernists, but I'd be surprised if he weren't. Regardless, it's a good read.