05 May 2013

Petition to Protect Religious Liberty in the U.S. Armed Forces


There are ominous signs the U.S. military is turning its back on religious freedom.

On April 23, Pentagon leaders met with Mikey Weinstein, an anti-Christian extremist who decries “fundamentalist Christian monsters” and calls Christians “pitiable unconstitutional carpetbaggers.” He compares Christians to racists from the civil rights era.

If he said these things about Muslims, he’d never be permitted in the Pentagon; but now military leaders are actually consulting with him – relying on his input – as they create new policies that may roll back religious liberty – especially for Christians. This must stop!

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  1. LudiDomestici10:54 AM

    The bigotry and intimidation by fundamentalist Christians in the armed forces academies is well documented:


    1. "Well documented"? By whom? Anti-Christian bigots? And even if these charges are true, threatening military personnel with discharge or prison for sharing their faith is ridiculous. Is being intimidated by a Christian worse than being intimidated by a Cowboys fan? Or a Democrat? Or a Muslim?

      Good try, Ludi.

      Next. . .?