19 March 2013

Women & Forgiveness

How many times have I told folks in confession that forgiveness is an act of the will and not a feeling?

4,897, 234, 003 times.  That's how many.

My good friend and Catholic Mom and former seminary classmate, Deidre Darr (Divinity Diva) reviews a book on women and forgiveness.  

Ladies, read the review.  Read the book.

Really. Do you want to be 4,897, 234, 004?

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    I was just recently in a conversation in which I said (about someone else) that everything needing forgiveness had been forgiven. The person I was speaking with did not believe me, being, I must assume, in the "forgiveness is a feeling" camp. It is so much better to forgive immediately, because practically speaking when you hold onto the "hurt", more and stronger emotions become attached to it...that is when people think they cannot fogive because they have so much invested in being hurt that it becomes harder to let it go.

    But my question is, why do "they" market books to women with such cutesy covers? Sweet little pink bird on top of a pink cage having been "Set Free" to live among the baby-blue flowers. At least there weren't any butterflies or unicorns. But a cover like that would discourage me from buying the book under the assumption that it would lack substance and/or be written in a demeaning manner. I know, I know...can't judge a book by its cover and all that :-).

    1. My first book had a somewhat girly cover. I was roundly mocked by the UD rugby team.

    2. And well you should have been! Putting a flower on the cover of a prayer book? What were you thinking!?! ;-)

    3. I wasn't consulted about the title or the cover. That's the publisher's prerogative. Marketing and all that.

    4. I know - just teasing you!

    5. :-(...I'm sorry - forgive me?

    6. Yes. But I'm not going to feel like I've forgiven you. . .(sniffsniff).

  2. fr. Dismas, OP12:58 AM

    I think every confessor goes through this at least three times a shift in the confessional.