22 September 2012

No more politics. . .

One day last week the Holy Spirit prompted me to swear off discussing politics.

Something about it being an occasion of sin for me.  I heard; I listened. . .and I decided that I'd drunk too much coffee.  And quickly forgot about the whole thing.

Since I am one of the Lord's thick-headed disciples, I was reminded today why He had "suggested" that I give up this particular bad habit.

So. . .no more politics for me until after the election.  I'm sticking to preaching and giving out spiritual advice.

Don't tempt me.  If you do, I will put you on my anti-Novena list. To date, it's a short list.  Don't make it longer.

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  1. Good for you. I swore off politics after the whole Chick Fil A brouhaha. if I can't even eat lunch without making a political statement, then I'm out of here. Isn't there a baseball or football game people can talk about?

    1. Our political discourse has become wholly scripted and coarse. And I'm tired of contributing to it.

  2. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Thank you for this, Father. I've been thinking this for a long time and I am very glad a priest raised this. Temptations abound, if only to snark and to childish delight in another's foibles and failings. It's almost a bloodsport...and a bit silly as there is very little the ordinary person can actually do to change things.

    Thanks again


  3. Good for you! I generally enjoy your take on things, but I too have stopped engaging in political discussion. I feel like there are no "undecided" people around, and giving my opinion just turns into another argument that raises my blood pressure and tempts me toward extremely uncharitable thoughts (and words). It's gotten so bad, though, that I can't even watch the news for fear of what my young kids will see.