14 August 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing (Squirrel Edition)

LCWR speaker preying on the sisters' fear of death and diminishment?  

And in stark contrast. . .Gung-go bishops not backing down from The Fight!

Yes, yes, I've seen it.  And no, I have no comment.

Contemporary marriage is messed up and it's not the fault of gay activists

Culture Warriors need some peace.  Instructions to Self: Read it.  Think on it.  Pray about it.  Do it. 

IL state workers forced to attend Dem political rally. . .on the taxpayers' dime, of course.

Female "frat house" at DHS?  I've had a lot of female supervisors and they've always been exemplary professionals.

No drag queens at SanFran parish, "We're stuck in the middle trying to walk this fine balance." What's there to balance?  "Balance" implies equally desirable options.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I was a friar for 10 years. A lot of the Boomer names on that list of LCWR supporters do not surprise me. But Benedict Ashley?

    One of the worst things to happen to the Order after the Council was the collaboration with the Sisters' congregations, who went over the eco-feminist cliff a long time ago.

    I suspect you can't print this because I used BA's name, but there it is.

  2. ModerateRealist11:17 AM

    A general comment, but sparked by the LCWR. LeftyLiberal Catholics seem to project their Inner State onto the Church, expecting it to take up all the joys of egalitarian democracy of the Democrat persuasion, while projecting their Inner Church onto the State, pulling for it to be the source of charity, morality and community. The worst of both worlds.

    And while enthusiastically severing any connection between Christian doctrine and the State, these secularizing crypto-Constantinian believers nevertheless advocate for the non-religious State to enact programs and policies based on the highest forms of Christian morality. They expect Caesar to act like God while adamantly resisting that Caesar should know anything in particular about Him.

    Our poor Founding Fathers didn't want the State and the Church to be linked, as they were in England. To protect both spheres from the other. What they could not have imagined is that in America, the State itself would eventually become the State Church.

    1. This is similar to something I noticed. . .

      Left-Catholics want a libertarian Church and an authoritarian secular gov't.

      Right Catholics want an authoritarian Church and a libertarian secular gov't.

      Of course, this is a highly simplistic assessment but I think it's true in its outline.

  3. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Like my fellow "Anonymous", I'm rather disappointed by those friars - some of whom I know personally. What is true & good is not decided by polls and signature lists for and against. Such is hardly the Way of the Preacher.