29 July 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Someone is threatening The WalMart.  Prolly an Occutard.

Tolerance?  I don't think you know what the word means?

How draconian are the gun laws in Chicago?

Couldn't care less about the Olympics if I tried.  The opening ceremony was a Leftist propaganda-fest?  Well, I guess I actually can care less about the Olympics.

Atheist poet finds Christ in the Church!

Nothing those Jesuits do surprises me anymore. . .well, OK, this did.

Stuff Catholic Guys Say. . .

Queen Michelle Antoinette Obama says, "Let them wear off the rack!"  Yes, $6,800 for a jacket.

An unexpected--though welcomed!--post from Crdl. Roger Mahony on Chick-fil-A hatred.

"Diversity is our greatest strength," so let's ban/demonize/boycott all those who disagree with us!

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  1. RE: your surprise at a Jesuit celebrating a Traditional Latin Mass
    This church is the home of the Boston Chapter of Lay Dominicans, St. Dominic's Chapter. Spiritual Advisor, Father John Vidmar, O.P. President, Mr. Raimondo Di Bona, O.P.

    1. I knew the Dominicans had to be involved in this somehow. . .