23 July 2012

An unexpected surprise. . .

I'm one of the Kool Kids now!

All last week, Catholics bloggers were taunting the rest of us poor schmucks with the fact that they'd received a review copy of Sherry A. Weddell's new book, Forming Intentional Disciples.  I'm looking at you and your ginormous facial hair, Mark Shea!

I'll confess. . .yes, I was just a tiny bit envious.  But, I reasoned, even though Sherry works with Dominican friars and I'd met her once in Irving, TX. . .that was no reason for her to send me a copy of her book.  

Besides, it's only $12. . .

THEN! In the mail today. . .neatly wrapped. . .and lovingly signed by Sherry Herself. . .a copy of the very book I'd been coveting!

So, now that I'm one of the Kool Kids. . .I can suggest that you join Our Cadre by getting a copy of the book that's got everyone who's anyone in the Catholic blogosphere talking.  :-)

Oh, and thanks, Sherry!

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  1. "Coveting" Father? Tsk tsk tsk. Isn't their a rule or law or commandment about that somewhere??

    Congrats ,

  2. Oops I meant "there" not "their"

  3. I'm happy that your copy arrived. Fr. David also got one so you two can be the coolest OPs in New Orleans in July (and we Mississippians know just how cool that is!) You are the envy of the entire Southern Province.

  4. Kool Kid? You're still not invited to sit at our lunch table.