27 June 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

That B.O. speech: ". . .no oratory will make up for a flawed record and a vague, fissiparous, and unappealing agenda."  Fissiparous?  Look it up.  I had to!

The God Problem:  "An iron logic strangely hovers about our existence. We are free to act in almost any way we decide. We are not however free to deny the consequences of our acts."

Another atheist bites the dust!  (But in a good way. . .)

All your wedding gifts are belong to Me.

Muslims stoning Christians in. . .Egypt? Sudan? Indonesia?  Nope.  Michigan.

Vatican reports on fostering priestly vocations. . .let's not forget the importance of early liturgical service. . .say, an all boys altar server corps!

A desire to be trendy, Big Gov't bureaucracy, and a failure to consult the troops.  Result?  A $5 billion camouflage uniform that shines like a beacon.

An O.P. friar: ". . .a quasi-religious zeal to eliminate soda, salt, and saturated fat on the one hand, and the toleration—nay, promotion—of grave offenses against human dignity and health on the other."

Watch this young, orthodox priest deconstruct a LCWR supporter before your very eyes.  It's an embarrassing display. . .for her.  NB. who's listening and who's not.

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  1. A desire to be trendy, Big Gov't bureaucracy, and a failure to consult the troops. Result? A $5 billion camouflage uniform that shines like a beacon.

    At first glance, I thought that said "shines like bacon." Bacon is indeed a shining beacon among breakfast foods. I really should quit skipping breakfast.

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    The video with the priest and the wymyn was painful to watch. His patience is heroic. Great argument right there for all-male hierarchies. (They're not great, but female power structures are worse.)

    I am not an orthodox or a practicing Catholic, but even I can tell from my reading that the Vatican's problem with the LCWR is fundamentally dogmatic, ie, it's about the Trinity, the Incarnation and the sacraments...items which are thunderously absent from the LCWR site and history. Their silence on certain moral issues is part of the larger problem. I mean, if you're gonna say you're Catholic religious, it's not ok to present yourselves as New Age eco-feminist Democrats. This is not about "social justice".

    Too many of these wymyn, even with their MA's, etc, don't think, they feel their way through things and then try to win arguments with volume and emotion.

    1. One of the OP friars who helped run the theology program in D.C. during the 60's told me once that the one mistake he regretted most was allowing religious sisters into the grad theology program w/o a philosophy background. They were allowed to substitute psychology, sociology, etc. for philosophy. Thus, the near total dependence some of these sisters have on emotive assertions and leaps in logic.

  3. Anonymous1:55 PM


    1. Thanks for the alternative view!

    2. Anonymous8:01 PM

      Sure, and thank you for taking a look! =D

  4. Fr. Philip, I don't know if you've seen this, but I thought you might get a grin out of it.
    Dancing Dominikanie

    1. Marnieben, I saw it when it was first posted and included a link in an earlier CCB. My comment was: "Dominicans should stick to preaching." 'Nuff said.