16 May 2012

How to get one priestly vocation in 18 yrs. . .

File this one under By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them. . .

The Holy Father forced the resignation of Bishop William Morris in the Diocese of Toowoomba, Australia last year.  

Why?  Well, His Excellency had become the Poster Bishop for all the usual agenda items of the Catholic Left's attempt to revolutionize the faith:  female/married priests, lay presiders at Mass, libertine sexual morality, etc., ad. nau.  


IOW, Bishop Morris had long ago ceased being a Catholic and the Holy Father felt that having a liberal Protestant running a Catholic diocese didn't make much sense.

How did the bishop's revolutionary agenda effect the Church in Toowoomba?

From the above linked article, "During his 18 years, the diocese had produced only one new priestly vocation."  That's right.  In 18 years. . .one vocation to the priesthood.  ONE.

By their fruits. . .indeed.


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  1. Fr Damon Sypher, FSSP. Ordained in Sydney last year by His Eminence, George SRE Cardinal Pell.

    He may be from Toowoomba, but he wasn't Catholic (even nominally) until he started attending Fr Gregory Jordan SJ's Latin Mass in Brisbane.

  2. Anonymous12:22 PM

    As a Catholic alumnus but interested observer of the Church, I am amazed at how utterly infected with groundless liberal assumptions the whole enterprise has become. "Social justice" epitomizes Rome's captivity to postChristian Europe angelic fantasy, where perfectionist and utopian moral idealism has become completely untethered to postlapsarian nature.

    Anyhoo, the populist "People of God" --how I hate that phrase-- seem to have missed some central truths about Catholicism, viz, that it is fundamentally a priest-driven religion. And that is not a criticism, just a fact. Baptism is necessary, but not sufficient. All the blather about ministries and participation and universal calls, blah blah blah want to ignore the truth that Roman Catholicism stands or falls on its priesthood. No priest, no Mass, no ordered community, no doctrinal integrity, no Catholicism. It's offensive to the post Vat2 en-tranced, but I dare anyone to look at the last 2000 years and tell me I'm wrong.

    And while I'm at it, this has to be an all-male priesthood. There is already so much problematic feminine energy in Christianity that if it is not contained by cadres of men, it becomes completely unbalanced and you wind up with the pathetic sight of grinning "RomanCatholic WomenPriest" females with mitres and crosiers playing daycare in church.

    Well, Father, have a nice day.