26 April 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Today's seminarians/vocations turning toward traditionalism?  No, it's more turning toward orthodoxy, i.e. "thinking with the Church."  Woe to dioceses and religious orders who refuse to see it.

25 Catholic blogs you may not be reading!

George Zimmerman's great-grandfather was black.  Makes no difference to me or any other rational person.  But the MSM/B.O. have a story about White on Black violence to tell.

Even the "Wise Latina" was skeptical of the Fed's case against AZ's anti-illegal immigration law.

The jealous god of academy tolerance:  universities fight to rid themselves of Christian student groups.

B.O.'s Labor Dept proposes outlawing kids doing their chores on the farm.  At 13, I would've welcomed my new Benevolent Federal Overlords. . .anything to get out of mowing the yard!

CNN's Don Lemon wanders off the Leftist Plantation and gets smacked by viewers.  Tells us all we need to know about CNN, Lemon, and the Left.

More goofy "new cosmology" in the L.A. archdiocese. . .and folks thoughts that Archbishop Gomez was gonna initiate The Great Crackdown after the Dark Mahony Years.

Just in case you thought same-sex "marriage" was about equality:  churches will be forced to host SMM under proposed city ordinance


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  1. Regarding the L.A. Diocese and Archbishop Gomez--things here do seem to be slowly changing for the better. L.A. is a massive diocese, and you can't get rid of all the goofy all at once. I rather expect that if you tried to initiate The Great Crackdown, you'd do more harm than good. But our Archbishop seems to me be leading his flock in the right direction.

  2. Just reading that blurb about the Earth Gaia wounding apprenticing thingy made my testosterone level drop. Living proof of what a disaster female ordination would be.

  3. Anonymous10:01 AM

    RE the proposed Kansas law: Although a gay man, and happy to be so, I am not in favor of same-sex marriage. Marriage is about opposite sex bonding for family, as much as fatherhood is about male parenting and motherhood about female parenting. Not interchangeable. As well, I do not think a heterosexual institution suits the kinds of bonds that men actually make with each other. To me, it's straight drag.

    But my real point is my profound disappointment at how tyrannical the gay-lesbian (nevermind bisexual and transgender, etc!) leadership and culture has become. Like so much of liberal and lefty America, what started out as a press for freedom from oppressive law and public opprobrium has become a strident, no-compromise, grimly self-righteous, vengeful and utterly Statist drive for dominance.

    I saw that happening with Blacks and women but did not think that we would do it. But I was wrong.

    And it has made me think, with Barry Goldwater, that the much lauded Civil Rights Act of 64 was a bad mistake. The situation needed changing, but that legal means fostered the opportunity for the whole Orwellian web of liberal regulation we now suffer under.

    I am especially grieved, and ashamed, that people who are like me should have been caught up in it. Becoming the very much like the folks we first fought against.

    But as CG Jung knew, inside every victim is a tyrant.

  4. Will, I'm not doubt the Good Archbishop at all. . .I'm just pointing out that many thought we'd get the Big Crackdown the after he took office.

    Anon., there's nothing like the righteous passions of a "victimized" cliche unleashed upon the world by well-meaning ninnies.

  5. fr. Dismas, OP6:39 PM

    I'm in LA now. In between film projects, I have witnessed a lot of really good people working here, and the archbishop gives some solid teaching through the web and letters for us all. We have five regional auxiliaries here. I barely know all that's going on in my parish in a given day! Give the archbishop time.

    Also, apropos of St. Martin... his 50th anniversary of canonization is coming up! W00t! Hope you guys are having a good celebration!