01 April 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

On an Army base in Afghanistan:  a cross is offensive. . .but a rainbow flag is just fine.

Plane makes emergency landing b/c two kids refuse to buckle seat belts. . .apparently, their parents were with them!  Give them a few years and they'll "Occupying" something with all the other brats.

". . .the nearly impenetrable parochialism of American liberals."  They are shocked that someone, anyone could disagree with them.  Make that "American liberal Catholics" and this article describes the contemporary Church perfectly.

Heh.  The MSM is shrieking about the ideological prejudices of the five conservative Justices who ripped into ObamaCare this week.  No mention of the ideological prejudices of the liberal Justices who had to make B.O.'s argument for him from the bench.

Devious, dishonest, creepy. . .she forgot amateurish.

NBC caught red-handed editing the 911 call from Zimmerman.  Read the transcript of the actual call and you will understand why our media are the least trusted of America's professionals.

Catholic biblical interpretation. . .excellent article for Easter studies!

Conservatives understand liberals. . .liberals do not (cannot?) understand conservatives.  The consequences of self-righteousness?
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1 comment:

  1. I did not read the article about the cross and flag in Afghanistan because part of my very minimal Lenten observance is not to read past a headline whose story will probably provoke me to apoplexy. It's not so much the presence of the flag but the occlusion of the cross.

    But I will pronounce my foreign policy principle: while it may be in our national interest to fight against Muslims and Muslim countries in punitive expeditions, it is never worth one drop of American blood to fight for Muslims or a Muslim country. They will never thank you for it.

    I have a similar line ready when the French finally go to war with their Muslim population. I would refuse to help them, chanting the slogan "No Blood for Cheese!"