04 February 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

It's a B.O. Economy!  NYC is on a hiring spree. . .to staff its welfare agencies.

Geez.  Now Starbucks needs boycottin' by Catholics.  Who's next?

No, the Komen Foundation did not back down on defunding the culture of death. . .not this time around, at least.  Though it remains to be seen whether or not your donations to KF will be funneled to PP in the future.

Eyeroll Alert!  Jesus made me support the socialist takeover of the American healthcare system. . .hmmmm. . .is Jesus also making him support the wholesale murder of our children in the womb and forcing the Church to pay for the privilege of helping with the slaughter?

BTW, has your bishop spoken out about B.O.'s decision to force Catholics to violate their conscience?

Been there, doing that.

"Somebody is gonna pay for this."

Denial.  River.  Egypt.  You know the drill.

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