13 January 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Aggie Catholic's Top 20 Catholic Blogs. . .great list!

Fr. Everyone: "Athletes, intellectuals, bon vivants, wet blankets, firebrands, gourmands, shysters, flirts, gentlemen, ascetics, exorcists, prophets, jokers, and weirdos."

Excellent post on the papacy from the indomitable John Zmirak.

What to do when you hear a bad homily. . .I agree with these suggestions. . .just don't throw a missal!

SupCrt unanimously shuts down B.O.'s attempt to use employment discrimination law to intrude into church business.  This is the case that had Catholic Progs drooling b/c they wanted B.O. to sue the Church and force the "ordination" of women as "priests."

Wow. . .if you think our bishops can produce some obscure prose, try deciphering these babble-packed sequences of letters from the Presiding Bishop of the ECUSA.

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