13 December 2011

Questions about the homily podcasts

I uploaded an audio recording of Sunday's and yesterday's homily.  The hosting site is reporting that these two homilies have been downloaded twice

This stat leads me to ask:  1) is there a problem with the download that I need to know about? and 2) is there any interest in these podcasts?

Please let me know.  Uploading is hardly a chore and if there's a problem I'd like to fix it. 

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  1. is there an RSS feed so we can subscribe (I know ... lazy, lazy, lazy)

  2. I'm sure there is. . .but I'm not sure how to make it available.

  3. I dunno about podcasts, I prefer to read.

  4. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I like the audio version - sometimes i dont have much time to read so this is really really good

  5. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Would be really cool if they were in MP3 format instead of WMA. Cool people who don't use Windows Media Player have issues with WMA, such as it takes forever to convert them to MP3 or AAC so we can listen to the audio.

  6. Em, if I knew what any of that meant, I'm sure I'd be insulted or maybe flattered. . .not sure.