19 December 2011

Monday +2

Despite sharply cutting back on my caloric intake this last week, I still managed to gain 2lbs. 

How?  No idea.  But I'll keep on trying to lose!

Thank you for your prayers. . .

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  1. It could be because your body "thinks" it's going into starvation mode. Those with more knowledge, please chime in.

    With those praying for your good health and solid, usable information from those you trust and respect, the number will have a negative sign in the future.

  2. Fr. Powell:

    I would strongly encourage you to take a serious look at Weight Watchers. My wife and I have used this program to safely and effectively lose weight. Their newest point calculations are fairly easy to use, especially if you use their eTools . . . and I find that there is enough flexibility for me as a male to still indulge in some treats from time to time without feeling that I am hungry or starving myself.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

    Kevin Kiefer
    (Lay Dominican in formation!)

  3. Father Powell,
    It's not unusual to gain a bit in the beginning. Be of good spirit, eat fibrous veggies and have a walk when time permits.

  4. Same thing here. Oh well, life goes on, chubbily.

  5. Dear Father, please consider having your thyroid levels checked, and be sure your doc/lab use the *newer* standards which are years old but haven't trickled down everywhere yet. I was just a touch off, and it was enough to kick my body into total starvation mode. I knew there was a problem one Lent when I walked an hour everyday, ate 1500cal per day, and gained 5lbs in those six weeks. So unbelievably discouraging. So keep up the good work--even if the scale doesn't notice, your heart and lungs will still thank you.

  6. Lynn, my doc drew blood. . .he's doing a diabetes and thyroid test. In the past, both tests proved negative. I have a lot of the symptoms of diabetes but apparently not the disease.