04 September 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Apologies for the lack of blogging lately.  I'll try to do better this week!

10 Things B.O. Should've Done Differently.  No. 11:  "Stayed in Chicago in 2008 and got a real job."

Vouchers free parents to abandon the union-infested classrooms of the public schools in IN.  Guess where they are going?  Catholic schools!

"Castle Doctrine" might be coming to a county in WI.  I agree with one commenter:  if you're in my house without permission, you're a threat.  This doesn't mean I would shoot you. . .it just means that I'm not legally obligated to run through a cost-benefit analysis of whether or not to shoot you.

Fascinating piece on the role of new social media in the Arab uprisings. . .

What will be "off the table" in the 2012 election? 

Wow. . .this captures my flying experiences perfectly!  The only thing I would add is a panel on sitting in the plane with no A/C for an hour in the Texas heat. 

Adding a little black & white fun to otherwise blah photos. . .I especially like the dinosaur one.

Dust Bunnies attack some poor guy's computer.  Evil, evil bunnies.

Hundreds of beautiful/disturbing/weird pics. . .some are R-rated. 

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  1. I worked at a university library, and did a lot of the computer support. There was a trusty old machine from way back in the day (2nd generation IBM PC, IIRC), that handled all the printouts. Well, one day it just didn't work after we repeatedly tried to turn it on.

    I opened it, and it was solid dust bunny, from side to side, up and down. You could not see in the machine.

    I grabbed a few handfuls out, dust sprayed the rest, and *beep*, the machine ran as good as new.

    They don't make computers like they used to... (which has its good points, obviously, but they don't last anywhere near as long).

  2. No. 11: "[Obama should have] Stayed in Chicago in 2008 and got a real job."

    No doubt he would have done so if he and his pals hadn't devoted themselves to making real jobs scarce via their leftist policies.