01 August 2011

Grace Notes

Poetry-related posts here at HancAquam are really not all that popular. . .I mean, not like Coffee Bowl Browsing or the occasional liturgical abuse rants. . .and that's OK.

Poetry--especially contemporary poetry--is like a really good blue cheese:  it takes some getting used to and frequent consumption helps.  

Unfortunately, very few contemporary poets write within the western philosophical/theological tradition and even fewer write as public Christians (Dana Gioia, Christian Wiman, Eric Pankey, Fanny Howe, Mary Karr are just a few). 

Fortunately, we have the great Catholic monthly journal, First Things to pick up the slack. 

The poetry editors of First Things have selected the best verse from their publication and collected it in a volume titled, Grace Notes

I encourage you to order a copy ($9.95) for yourself or a poetry lover you know and help support the culture of good Christian verse in the western tradition!

My copy is on the way. . .

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  1. Agnieszka8:14 AM

    Thank you for your recommendation, Father!
    And please keep posting about poetry/literature, especially with Christian/theological overtones -- those posts do matter and (a) few of us do pay attention!

  2. wait, Christian poetry?? that's not 4 zillion years old???



  3. Gregg the Obscure6:30 AM

    Should have mentioned this sooner, but the Awad poem you recently posted is terrific.