10 August 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing (Anarchy in the UK Edition)

"What’s the cause of the riot? I’m guessing lack of incoming fire."  Heh.  Watching the news about the U.K. looting/rioting, I keep thinking about how these thugs would scatter if we sent an American riot squad over there.  In America, Po-po don't play.

Maybe these coppers trained in the U.S.?

Yup:  "Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters."  Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. . .

London Metro Police were ordered to "observe and contain" looting!?  Oh, this ain't gonna end well.

Keeping that upper lip British-stiff.

Multi-culties are to blame for the riots. . .well, yea. . .them and lots of others.  When the State runs out of other people's money, the Wards tend to get grouchy.

50 Powerful Pics from the London riots.

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  1. I don't understand this american attitude that police and military are meant to wage war on the nation's citizens.

    They are violently protesting, and destroying property- yes. So they should be shot down like animals?

    What do you think public opinion would be if the police fired even one shot and an innocent person was killed. Or a guilty person for that matter.

    Do you think parents would be turning in their own children the next day? Do you think that the public would be identifying the images?

    Might does not always make right. That goes for the police as well as the mobs

  2. Puff, I haven't seen anyone calling for the looters to be shot. . .least of all me. The "incoming fire" line is obviously meant as hyperbole.

    Don't get caught in the false dilemma of Let Them Run Riot or Shoot Them On Sight. There are all kinds of perfectly effective means in between to handle these thugs.

    What the LMP chose to do was place PC ideology above the rights of taxpayers and citizens.

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Errrrr, has anyone else noticed the elephant in the room here. This whole debacle started off because the police shot a guy (father of four) dead. In fact it's not the first time that's happened. Not to mention the innocent bystander they bludgeoned who subsequently died not so long ago. None of this is any sort of excuse for the rioting. But still, I'd be very surprised if any actual Londoners were keen on even more guns in the hands of police who might just take it into their heads to shoot them for no reason. As far as I can make out, what usually happens in these cases is that the police 'investigate' themselves and remark on what a shame it all was and it's all brushed under the carpet.

    Incidentally, Max Hasting completely undermines his own article by pointing out that this sort of rioting has been a regular occurence in English history, long before the so-called nanny state was even a pipe dream!

  4. Anon., the London do not investigate themselves. . .that's the job of the IPCC.

    Yes, the initial protests were all about the shooting Duggan. However, I fail to see how stealing a 54 inch plasma TV, or burning down a dress shop three days after the shooting is connected to a protest. Are those 10 yr old's in the pics with armfuls of booze protesting?