12 June 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

A round-up of Youtube vids on the new book, Hollywood Propaganda. . .interviews with writers and producers of popular TV shows wherein they confess their lefty bias and admit using the medium to influence public opinion.

Romney can add another nearly immovable stone to his campaign:  his recent brainless support for the Church of Global Warming

An indispensable website for dyslexic folks like me:  howjsay.com.  I frequently embarrass myself by mispronouncing words/names, especially words/names with vowels in the second syllable.  Just can't get them right w/o practice!

Fr. Z. has a hilarious and decidedly un-P.C. report on that meeting of Protestants in Detroit who are calling themselves The American Catholic Council.  Warning:  swallow whatever you are drinking.

On modest dress for women. . .and yes, all these apply to men as well.  I've seen a young woman come to her baptism dressed in black short-shorts and then change into a mini-skirt and strapless top after the baptism!

Today's cuteness. . .someone gets a spaghetti dinner.

On why it is not a good idea to stab a Marine while he's collecting Toys for Tots.

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