07 June 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

No, Palin did not get the Paul Revere story wrong.  It's the media who think the Schoolhouse Rocks version is the whole truth.  Palin once again trips up the MSM.  They fall for her Dumb State College Girl routine every time. 

Wow. . .just. . .Wow.  The lefties in SanFran do not know their history.  Haven't we been told repeatedly that they're Ever-So-Much-Smarter than we are?  Apparently, they are also far superior in bigotry as well.

Uh oh.  Wards of the Greek Nanny State are upset with Mummy and Daddy.  They are demanding that the Rainbow Unicorns immediately begin producing goods and services for free.

St. Bono under fire for avoiding taxes.  Taxes--like rules, laws, morals, etc.--are for the Little People. 

Classic example of media bias:  Anglican clergy "defect" to the Catholic Church.  How about "converted," "came home," "moved," "switched," "transferred". . .???  "Defect" is probably the worse possible choice.

Another move to undermine the family:  12 y.o.'s making their own medical decisions. 

Slinking deeper and wider into our culture. . .

You will never leave the house drunk again!

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  1. Those anti-circumcision folks in San Fran... since they claim to be all about the rights of the child, I want to know what they would say if the circumcision was performed one day *before* birth instead of eight days after.

  2. Padre', from an Anglican's view, it is a defection. It would be seen the same from the Church I go to if our Pastor were to do that, since we have a divergence of certain beliefs/traditions vs Rome. From that perspective, both your and their viewpoints are accurate. To you, they came home. To them, not so much... Best wishes my friend...