18 May 2011

Target vs. Wal-Mart

I found this quote on Instapundit. . .still waiting for my Instalanche,* btw.

“Target is Wal-Mart for pretty people.”

I like both stores, but Wal-Mart gets my $$$ about 80% of the time.  The apparel shoppers for Target seem to believe that men with waist sizes smaller than 34 should roam the streets naked.

Wal-Mart, however, always has a well-stocked Deep and Wide department.

*This term is used to refer to what happens to a blogger's stats when Glenn Reynolds links to your site.  Come on, Prof. Reynolds!  Do a priest a solid!!

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  1. I feel the need to add a point in favor of Target. When I was in the world I was meticulous at following the boycott list that identified those companies that provided funds to PP and similar organizations. I can tell you that it is really difficult to keep to the list because it is so long and so many basic products are made by these companies. However, I found that I could shop at Target and follow the boycott list. However, usually I was unable to shop at Walmart for the items I needed if I was going to keep to the list.

  2. Frankly I can't imagine any priest or female religious shopping at Wal-Mart in this day and age? Unless of course you approve of child labor or a highly deleloped misognynistn working culture.

  3. To be fair to Wal-Mart, it would be nice to see those criticisms documented. They are pretty serious things. I have yet to see anybody demonstrate that Wal-Mart is directly or even passively involved in these things.