26 May 2011

Back in town. . .

Back in Ponchaoula!  I managed to lose my wallet on the shuttle btw Hobby and Bush.  The driver kindly returned to the airport to give it back.

I lost my cell phone at the retreat center.  Someone used my cell to text one of the friars on my contact list and told him that the phone would be at the front desk.  It never arrived.

We had a great time at the Assembly!

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  1. Goodness! You've got to come up with a system to keep wallet and cell safe. My hubby never carries a wallet, so he never loses it. Money is loose. ID and credit card are in a case. His cell is snapped in a case on his belt. My stuff is always in the same place and I check it a hundred times.
    I wouldn't scold you though, I lost my diamond engagement ring. And I lost my mind, somewhere, some time ago.

  2. maryclare7:23 AM

    Welcome home...sorry bout the phone though. By the way Happy Feast day yesterday :-)maryclare

  3. Faith, the only amazing thing about losing my wallet and phone is that it took me so long to lose them. I am the Absent-Minded Professor.

  4. Anonymous12:20 AM

    peaking of your Provincial Assembly, were there ordinations to the priesthood this year? I'm interestyed in knowing how many Dominicans were ordained this year for the USA. So far it's East: 4; Center 3; West 2. That's 9, plus however many the South will havw this year. How many are there? Are they ordained yet?

  5. Anon., I really don't know. Being out of the country most of the year makes it difficult to keep up with this sort of news. We had two solemn professions during the assembly. I don't remember hearing about any ordinations though.