29 April 2011

Two new arrivals

Arriving in the mail today. . .

An Introduction to Scholastic Theology


Heavenly Questions

Mille grazie to my anonymous book benefactor!

God bless, Fr. Philip

P.S.  These two books could not have come at a better time. . .Today, I "concelebrated" a non-Eucharistic funeral service with two Protestant ministers and a complicated wedding (well, complicated for me, anyway).  

Kicking back and reading 'til bedtime!

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1 comment:

  1. We tend to get a lot of funerals and weddings like that in Ireland. Wth the Church of Ireland (Anglican) population so small compared to the Catholic majority, there are a lot of 'mixed' marriages in the CofI community. Weddings and funerals aren't a problem when they are celebrated in the CofI, as they are generally (but not necessarily) non-Eucharistic (I've assisted at non-Eucharistic Catholic weddings also). My general experience of (Eucharistic) Catholic weddings & funerals where there are non-Catholic family members is that the officiating Catholic priest allows them to receive if they wish to. I have looked into the matter a little and it does seem to be a generally accepted interpretation of Canon 844. What would your own thoughts on the matter be?