03 April 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

GOP rightly mocked for trying one of the Dem's procedural "dirty tricks."  Wrong is wrong.  Period.  The irony (and hypocrisy) is that Pelosi--who tried this nonsense with BOCare--cries foul.

Speaking of BOCare:  a former director of the UK's government-run "health care" system dies while waiting on a surgical procedure.  The procedure was canceled four times.  Ah, bureaucratic efficiency.

New Showtime series about Pope Alexander VI, "The Borgias," premieres just in time for Easter.  I watched the first episode.  The timing of the show's appearance can be chalked up to ratings and anti-Catholic bias. . .but the portrayal of the Borgias and the Church at the time is probably accurate. 

LifeTeen founder broke with the Church b/c the bishop "wounded his ego."  Fr. Hollywood doesn't like to be questioned.  This is why pastors should be rotated regularly. . .and why bishops need to enforce liturgical norms.  NB.  The Church ain't about you, Father. . .never will be.

One of the reasons that our political discourse has become so angry and violent in the last few decades is that we have all but abandoned any commonly recognized way of evaluating the truth.  In fact, for some, Truth is a dangerous illusion.  In the absence of any appeal to Truth, all that's left is Power.

I know this feeling all too well. . .who said that being organized can't save your life?

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  1. I ran into a Canadian who kept having his back surgery for multiple herniated discs postponed repeatedly. Not as serious as the poor former NHS director, but still sent shivers down my happy-to-be-operated-on-in-the-USA-spine.

    My understanding is that "Narcissism" was to be taken out of the new iteration of the DSM. Fushek makes the case for putting it back in. That's the danger with us priests believe our own press clippings. The slide from good and holy to self-focused can be a slippery and sly one indeed. I pray for the man.