13 April 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Looks like that Historic Budget Deal B.O. and the GOP are pushing is really just more smoke and mirrors.  Figures. 

150 "Catholic" colleges have ties to Planned Parenthood.   If one book by one theologian can get the attention of the USCCB Cmte on Doctrine, then 150 Catholic colleges frolicking with the nation's largest baby-killer ought to stir up a little action.

Several more Catholic colleges participate in a conference aimed at "Creating an inclusive environment in higher education for LGBTQ students and studies.”  NB:  you may find some of the language offensive. 

"Lady Gaga provokes Catholic ire". . .which is EXACTLY what she was hoping to do.  Much like the predictable dissent from the Catholic Left, the whole point of "courageously challenging the hierarchy blahblahblah" is to get the hierarchy (or its surrogates) to yell and scream at you publicly so your CD/book/concert sales increase.  No such thing as Bad Publicity.

Excellent survey of the common myths surrounding the Crusades. . .if you have relied on movies, TV, and popular history for your Crusades info, you don't know much at all!

A report from two Philly shrinks on those 21 priests suspended b/c of abuse allegations:  "The result of the investigation was that the charges were not substantiated against many of those 21 priests. Then, these priests were notified and there was no disruption of their priestly ministry. The failure of the Archdiocese to communicate these facts to the public is difficult to understand. The public falsely believes these priests are guilty."   
Chicago's "Fr. Hollywood" pitches a fit and threatens to leave the Church if he doesn't get his way.  Methinks someone needs a time-out and a nap.   

Men vs. Women. . .the first joke is the best!

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  1. Fr. Pfleger needs prayers badly. I think he is getting caught up in his own cult of personality.

  2. ...the pants picture...lol

  3. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Please explain to me how in the world Fr. Pfleger is still a priest after everything he has done. He seems to have forgotten his vow of obedience. I do not understand how priests like him get to continue to be priests.

  4. Em., easy answer: "White Liberal Guilt". . .specifically, the WLG of the last Cardinal in Chicago and possibly the current one.

  5. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Why does the article characterize Catholic Leagues' statements as outrage. I you read it:

    With the promo due to release later this month, the singer has invited outrage from bosses at the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. "This is a stunt. Lady Gaga tries to continue to shock Catholics and Christians in general. She dresses as a nun, she swallows the rosary. She has now morphed into a caricature of herself.

    "She is trying to rip off Christian idolatry to shore up her talentless, mundane and boring performances. Another ex-Catholic whose head is turned around. Is this the only way to jet up her performance? This isn't random, we are getting closer to Holy Week and Easter," said Bill Donohue, president of the organisation.

    it sounds more like *yawn* than outrage.